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The Importance of Programming 

The Importance of Programming 

Programming is the act of creating a long term training strategy to maximise results. In a sports and exercise environment the most common method of programming is linear programming which is a gradual increase in weight over the weeks. This ensures that the muscles are pushed each session to ensure maximal progression. If we do not follow a programme then the most common method of training is to develop a programme which we enjoy and keep repeating it until we get bored. There is no data used in this process and it is based purely on how we feel. Progression can be fast at first with this method, however, soon begins to plateau. Correctly designed linear programmes keep the individual progressing constantly. 

How can you start implementing programming today?

There are so many ways to implement programming. Here is a really simple way to do it for beginners looking to gain muscle mass. Do the following for each exercise you intend to perform. 

Week 1

3 sets 12 each exercise 

Week 2

4 sets 12 each exercise. Try and beat your scores from the week before 

Time for some maths. Your best set of 12 reps = around 60% of the maximum weight you could do for 1 rep. 

Therefore a prediction of your 1 rep max is= (best set weight in kg) ➗0.6 = 100%

We are now going to move into a different rep scheme where we are working at a heavier weight but less reps. Target % here is 70%. Take your 100% we worked out earlier and x by 0.7 to get 70%. This gives you starting weight for week 3. 

Week 3 

3 sets 8 each exercise. (If the starting weight is too heavy, simply reduce it!)

Week 4

4 sets 8 each exercise. Try and beat your scores from last week. You will now have a different 1 rep max prediction. 

Week 5

3 sets 5 each exercise based on 85% of your new 1 reps max. 

Week 6

4 sets 5 each exercise. Try and beat your scores from last week and then calculate your new 1 rep max. 

Hopefully over the weeks you would have increased your 1 rep max. Now take a week to deload where you still go through the movements but just don't push as hard or as heavy and then go back to the start. 

Obviously this is a little more complex than just feeling it out. But with a bit of simple maths you will be much more precise in your training and your results will skyrocket as a result. 

How can we help?

We can help by doing this all for you. Our trainers have been in the industry for over 8 years each and spend hours programming clients every week. We know what works and what doesn't. We can listen to your goals, your preferences and lifestyle and create a programme that you will enjoy, that keeps you safe and most of all keeps you progressing. The best thing is that we can tweak it whenever you want. Say you trained at a different gym, picked up an injury or have gone on holiday we will adjust your programme for you. 

Most companies selling programmes do a one size fits all approach. We are not this. We are a husband and wife team of personal Trainers who genuinely care about you and want you to get the most out of your training with us. 

We LISTEN to what you have to say. We DESIGN from scratch based on what you’ve said. And we constantly ADJUST based on your FEEDBACK. 

Sign up today and try 1 month at 40% off for just £60. This is a one off fee so non recurring. You’ll get daily accountability, a personalised training programme and nutritional goals. Click the link to get started.

Thanks for reading!!

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