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Weight Loss Northampton

Losing weight and reaching a healthy BMI is one of the primary ways of ensuring a longer and healthier life. The reality is that losing weight is simple, but sticking to the process for long enough is hard. Working alongside a Personal Trainer is a great way to increase your fitness and strength as well as burn some extra calories. 


At Pocket Coach our Weight loss coaching takes place in our private personal training studio in Northampton. You get all the perks of a normal commercial gym but without the people. The only person you will see during your session is your coach.


The help and guidance of your expert weight loss coach doesn’t stop at our studio door. Every member gets access to our app where you’ll receive a personalised weekly nutrition and activity programme to follow based on what you have agreed with your coach in your face to face session. Further to this your coach will check in daily with your progress to ensure you are sticking to your goals. 


This combination of in person and online coaching has resulted in success for hundreds of our clients. Here are some of the results you can expect from your time with us…

30 day trial

4x Personal Training Sessions

A personalised nutrition and exercise programme

Daily check ins to ensure you are sticking to your programme and answer any questions

All this for an introductory offer of £100. That's just £25 per session!!



Get in touch to get started


Call/Text: 07903687887

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