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Private Personal Trainer Northampton

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Are you looking for a Private Personal Trainer in Northampton? Our Personal Trainers have over five years experience each working within the fitness industry. Here is a little bit about each of them;

Emma Phillips Personal Trainer Northampton

Emma; grew up in Northampton and has spent the last 5 years running a gym back in South Wales ( ). Her coaching style is suitable to anybody looking to lose weight or tone up. She specialises in floor based training with a unique fusion of pilates and yoga which is suitable for all ages up to 104. Emma is also massage qualified which means that any injuries you may have can be treated with her skills. Personal Trainer Level 3. Here is a video of Emma's online Moga class so that you can get to know her training style a little better;

Liam Phillips personal trainer Northampton

Liam specialises in weight loss and sports performance. He is qualified in sports massage, Olympic weightlifting and is a level 3 Personal Trainer. He has specialism in exercise for children with experience working with athletes from age 4-70. Here is a video of Liam's weekly virtual body weight only HIIT workout so that you can get an idea of his training style to better help you make your decision around hiring a personal trainer for weight loss or fitness in Northampton;

Currently both our trainers are available to come out to train you in Northampton at your own house or at the local park. Both trainers are also available for daily accountability coaching through our online weight loss service; Pocket Coach Premium (More info here; )

Whatever your goal we have you covered! Every PT client will get a profile on our coaching app where we can hold all of your performance records ensuring you are constantly progressing towards your goals; whether that's weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility or general health and well being.

Thanks for reading!!!

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