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Over Fifty Fitness


Are you over 50 and looking to make some changes to your strength and fitness? Or perhaps looking to lose weight?

My name is Liam and I am an online Personal Trainer who specialises in fitness for over 50s

Studies show that we can build strength and muscle way into our 90s. Doing so has so many benefits for both the body and mind


Susan 62.

"As a 62 year old woman, after decades of trying different approaches, I have finally found a sustainable and far more enjoyable way of keeping fit and feeling good about my body and it’s newfound strength and wellbeing. Thank you!"

Meet Your Online Personal Trainer 

I have been Personal Training since 2015. During this time I have found the client group that I most enjoy coaching are the over fifties. You are a group who I feel haven't been represented enough in the recent fitness growth yet are the group who benefit most from it. 

I love to break norms and change peoples attitudes. The phrase that gets me most fired up is "I'm too old". Because this is RARELY ever true. There are so many examples of older adults exceeding what humanity thought was possible and I want to help you be one of them!

How does Online Personal Training work?


Step 1. Book in a consultation call to speak to me. Chose a time and date to suit you and I will ring. We will talk about what problems you are facing and I will offer advice on how to overcome them. I will then design a proposal including prescribed programme length and approach. If you agree to the proposal we will get started.

Step 2. Usually the first week is about analysing your current behaviour. After this we set some targets. Your aim is to complete as many of these targets per day, my aim is to make these targets attainable and motivate you to achieve them. 

Step 3. As your adherence to the programme increases I will keep adding newer targets and making adjustments to your workout and nutrition plans. This way you keep progressing but don't get overloaded.

Step 4. Once we come to the end of the agreed time period you will have achieved your goals and gained so many new positive lifestyle habits. Most clients love the programme so much that they chose to stay onhowever, some feel ready to go it alone.


Our Online Coaching is an investment of £100 per month. Your return will be;

-Daily check ins from me

-Personalised exercise and nutrition programmes

-As many changes to your programme as you want

-Use of our app

-Access to our weekly live Mobility and strength class "Moga"

You can also opt to add on Personal Training Calls via phone or video at a price of £20 per 30 minutes. 

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