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Menopausal? Make regular STRENGTH TRAINING your NEW YEAR'S Resolution. Read on to find out WHY….

Updated: Jan 16

Menopausal? Make regular STRENGTH TRAINING your NEW YEAR'S Resolution. Read on to find out WHY….

If you've been through the menopause or currently going through the menopause then you’ll know the symptoms all too well. For those that haven't let me indulge you in a few of the things you can look forward to (assuming you have female reproductive organs.) Sexual reproductive hormones, primarily testosterone and oestrogen, begin to decline. As a result we get a slow down in metabolism which can result in weight gain. Further to this common symptoms are cold sweats, cramps and mood swings. Whilst experiencing these symptoms one of the last things we want to do is get changed into our tight fitting gym kit and head out into our garage, living room or local gym and start a workout. Although this is potentially the last thing on your mind, evidence suggests that it should be one of the first things on your mind to help combat the symptoms and regain the body you once loved and deserve. 

If you’d like to read more into the science of it all then read our previous blog here; Since it's deep into the holiday season and by now you're so full of baileys and chocolate that you may not be able to see straight, let's keep it simple!!

The problem 

Two of the biggest negative factors that happen to us during the menopause are weight gain and muscle loss. The two are entirely linked since our metabolism is determined in part by the amount of muscle we have, and as our testosterone levels drop so does our ability to maintain muscle mass. 

The weight gain and loss in strength are the two factors that our clients complain to us about the most. The cold sweats, cramps and mood swings are all TEMPORARY and they know this. However, the weight gain and loss in strength is permanent unless something is done about it. Weight gain and muscle loss are also the most impacting factors on our physique. The combination of loss in tone plus additional fat reserves gives way to a less shapely appearance which is often unwanted. 

The solution

As mentioned in the introduction, the solution to combating the reduction in muscle mass and slow down in metabolism is to fight against it to slow the process down. 

Step one is strength training.  Three or more sessions per week of well planned meaningful strength work will see your muscle mass begin to grow. As you muscle grows your metabolism will increase as there is now more of your body to feed. You will become stronger, more shapely and better connected with your body. No strength training programme is complete without the addition of a good nutrition programme.

Step two is to consume more protein. This will help your body by feeding the muscles you already have plus create an environment where you can grow more. Consuming more protein also increases your metabolism due to the thermic effect of foods. The thermic effect of food is the energy requirement to digest and metabolise our foods. Protein is the most expensive food to digest in terms of calories with every 10 calories of protein costing around 3 calories to use1!! (For reference, fat costs about 0.5 calories per 10 calories and carbs about 1.5.) 

How can we help?

Over the years we have been developing a system for coaching women through the menopause based around strength training, nutritional guidance and daily motivation. We have had a fantastic track record and would love to share the experience with you!

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