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How you feel about yourself determines weight loss success

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

When trying to lose weight it is really important that we address the mental aspect of the goal. The way that we think about ourselves has an enormous impact on how well we stick to a process. The more positive we feel about ourselves the less likely it is that self defeating behaviour is going to creep in. We touched briefly on this in this blog here; Losing weight is tough, really tough. There's a reason why such a large percentage(1) of the population is over weight. If it were easy this simply wouldn't be the case and the stats would be much lower.

Here is a video of me discussing the points of this blog in a video if you would prefer to consume the information this way;

Being overweight has an enormous impact on how we feel about ourselves. 19% of the UK adult population feels disgusted about their appearance (2). DISGUSTED. This is a very strong word indeed. Feeling so strongly about something can go one of two ways. That disgusted feeling can be what's known as ROCK BOTTOM. You reach this point and decide things have got to change. This is where the diet process begins, you get a gym membership, reach out to a Personal Trainer or hire a Weight Loss Coach. It can also go the other way where you are so ashamed of yourself and the weight you have reached that you just crawl into a ball and go into a deep depressive state relying on the things that make you feel good which inevitably makes the situation worse.

In both of these scenarios it is so important that we address the way that we think about ourselves. At Pocket Coach we strongly believe that an element of self forgiveness is required. Yes, some ownership for the situation you have ended up in is important BUT if such a high percentage of the population has weight management issues then surely some blame needs to be placed elsewhere such as on government, corporations and culture. ITS NOT YOUR FAULT.

To really succeed you have to accept yourself and where you have ended up and begin to love that person. Focus on how great it is that you have recognised that this needs to stop and that you need to do something about it. The more positive you feel about yourself the more likely it is that you are going to make choices that are going to better your situation and the more will power you are going to have. If every time you walk past a mirror and say mean things about yourself you are going to give that voice more strength. This is the voice of instant gratification and low self worth and is the voice that led you here.

Weight loss success starts with your mindset. The way that you look has no impact on how nice or good a person you are, yet society has led us to feel ashamed of our weight. This needs to stop. Make the choice to lose weight because you want to live a longer and healthier life NOT because societal beliefs has led you to feel DISGUSTED about your appearance because you are beautiful no matter what you weigh.

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