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How to lose weight from the face

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

lose weight from face

Every body holds body fat in different areas. Usually the places we want to lose from the most are always the last to go! You want to lose weight from the face but there are so many variables that determine where our bodies hold weight from age, sex, ethnicity to the types of food that we eat. (click this link to read a bit more into the science of it all;

Unfortunately the biggest influencer is our genes, and there isn't much that we can do about this. But this being said one thing that we can do is reduce the amount of body fat around our entire bodies which in turn will impact the areas you are most focused on. This is going to be a slower process to the fast weight loss results you may have come here for but I promise it will be worth it.

Before we dive deeper I think it is important to address the elephant in the room which is the WHY? We live in an age where normality has become surgically and artificially edited to the point where the natural human physique and features have all but disappeared. What we are comparing ourselves to isn't real. Recent studies from the mental health foundation suggest 20% of us felt shame about our bodies, 34% felt negatively and 19% felt disgusted. (read more here; (

My point here is that if you are serious about losing weight it is important that you do it for the right reasons which tend to come down to health. If you are struggling with weight around your face then it is likely you are struggling with weight in other areas of your body therefore a long term weight loss strategy to bring your overall body fat levels down will result in increased health as well as decreased fat around the face. WIN WIN.

So where do I start?

There are so many ways to go about losing weight but the main principles are to exercise more and eat less. There are so many ways to do this. Common methods are to hire a personal trainer ( or to get an online weight loss coach.

Start by monitoring your activity and food intake for one week without making any changes. Note how many steps you took and how many calories you ate per day on average. Then simply reduce the calorie goal and increase the steps goal week by week until you start losing weight. Try and increase the amount of fibre and protein you have in your diet (here's a great way to increase protein in your breakfast;

This method is sustainable because it doesn't result in a massive lifestyle change just small gradual changes.

So get out there and start MOVING!!!!! Here is a great video from one of our coaches highlighting a great method for warming up before getting moving;

Thanks for reading!!!

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