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Your BMI directly correlates to longevity

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Reality check of being over weight

Fast forward 10-20-30 years from now.

You’ve been diagnosed with a life threatening illness or disease…

“Why me doctor!?”

Doctor: “you’ve been overweight/obese for the past 10-20-30 years. This is most likely why.”

Imagine how you would feel in this moment?

Don’t let it get to this. Choose to act now!

Your chances of experiencing an illness or disease, 'a health scare' that is potentially life threatening increases as your BMI increases.

It's time to take a second to put the aesthetic reasons behind us. Fed up of not fitting in your clothes, fed up of looking in the mirror and hating what you see, they are valid reasons to lose weight but the reality is the most important reason is to be able to be in your children's life for longer, your grandchildren's. To be able to see more of the world, experience more things you enjoy... LIVE LONGER. As the days go by and your weight creeps up- it may be slow but it's still going in that direction... you are getting closer and closer to that reality check of a health scare. It's not just about reducing that life expectancy it's about the huge reduction in quality of life.

You can turn this around you don't have to accept this

It's time to say no to that dessert on date night

You can change your habits and turn your present and future around. Park furthest away so you have to take more steps. Don't upgrade your burger. Choose Wholemeal. Lift weights. Fill your wraps with salad. Stand up ever hour if you work behind a screen. Get a bike. Find a physical hobby. Choose protein. Choose Fiber. Choose YOU.

The question is where to start. There are many weight loss 'FAD' diets out there some of which are touched on in this previous blog by us - as the blog states this isn't necessarily the best way to target weight loss. Small steps in the right direction.

Pocket Coach

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