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What Three Things You Can Start Doing NOW to help reduce the menopause gain

What Three Things You Can Start Doing NOW to help reduce the menopause gain

Weight gain during menopause is like spots when you are a teenager. It is a natural and very common side effect (albeit often unwanted!). To get an understanding of exactly why it happens take a read of this blog here;

The great news is that there is so much that can be done without having to follow traditional fads like “the menopause diet 5 day plan to lose weight” or order in the “davina mccall menopause book”. By implementing these three things you will not only reduce the menopause weight gain but also set yourself up for a youthful future. 

Step 1 is exercise related. We’re not talking about sweaty spin sessions here but about well structured strength training which sees progressive overload over time. Strength training will increase the size and strength of your muscle fibers. How heavy a load you use will determine what gets stimulated. For instance using a weight at around 80-100% of your maximal strength will increase muscle strength whereas working between 60-80% of your maximal strength will increase muscle size. A programme that takes you through all of these ranges is optimal. Starting with 12 reps in the 60/70% range, dropping to 8 reps in the 70/80% range, 5 reps in the 80% range and 3,2 and 1 in the 90-100% range. This can take place over the course of a few months. 

By following a programme and increasing your muscle mass and strength you will increase your base metabolism which means you are burning more calories per day. As a result this makes weight management much easier. Beyond this, strength training increases bone density which is vital when estrogen levels drop and osteoporosis begins to present itself. Also increasing muscle will not make you bulky and square as is often the thought, rather it will help enhance your physique and add to your curves helping you sculpt your ideal body type. 

Step 2 is nutrition. Maintaining and building muscle takes a two pronged attack. We discussed the strength training side, now let's dive into its counterpart; protein. By increasing your protein intake you will ensure that your muscle mass does not deteriorate at the rate it naturally should given the drop in testosterone levels, further to this consuming more protein alongside a structured strength programme will ensure an optimal environment for strength and size growth is created. Further to this protein is very expensive in terms of the energy required to break down and turn into calories. Therefore the more protein you consume relative to carbohydrates and fats the higher your metabolism will be. 

Step 3 is also a nutritional step; Fibre. We all know fibre is good for us in so many different ways particularly from a digestive standpoint. We've all been there if weve had too much fibre and get loose stool, and we’ve all probably been there where we’ve not had enough and get constipated so start slamming the prune juice… (maybe this is just me!!). Fibre is vital for regular and healthy bowel movements. It is also vital for maintaining our gut flora. These little guys have been a topic of much discussion of late and have been shown as being a vital component of our overall health. Fibre passes through our digestive system without being used as calories. It sits in the system creating a home for the flora and aiding in stool movement, it also creates a feeling of fullness without providing calories. Therefore, much in the same way as protein, by increasing the amount of fibre in your diet you will naturally decrease the total amount of calories you consume per day. This gives way to weight loss and also a more optimal level of health due to the benefits of fibre on the gut flora as well as the increase in vitamins and minerals from the increase in foods which are rich in fibre. Win WIn!!!

I hope this blog has given you some motivation and knowledge that tackling menopause weight gain can be done in just three steps. All of these steps can be done without the need for expensive supplements and equipment. Just your body weight, more lean protein sources and extra fruit and vegetables will do the trick. Give it a go!!

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